To Kill a Mockingbird Inhaltsangabe, summary, characters

To Kill a Mockingbird deutsche Inhaltsangabe, summary, characters

(6 years)

  • Dill who’s a friend of Scout and Jem wants the mysterious Boo Radley coming out of his house, but they haven’t got success

  • Scout comes to school, but she thinks school’s boring, because she can read, but mustn’t do that at the first grade; she has problems with her teacher who says her Dad taught all fault

  • In a knot-hole at the Radley place Scout finds different things (later Nathan Radley fills it with cement:

    • Chewing-gum

    • Pennies (Indian heads from 1906/1900 that makes them have good luck)

    • Ball of grey twine

    • Carved images in soap of themselves

    • Spelling medal

    • Not running pocket-watch

  • One night they want to have a look in the Radley house, but Nathan Radley shoots at them; the whole neighbourhood is awake, but they can’t find out who was there

  • One winter night (under 0°C) Ms Maudi’s house burns and the whole neighbourhood helps, but they can’t safe the house

  • In school Cecil Jacobs says Scout’s father defends niggers, but Atticus says he has to defend Tom Robinson

(7 years)

  • On Christmas Scout beats Francis who calls Atticus a nigger-lover and that he’s a shame for the Finches

  • Atticus shoots a mad dog, Scout’s proud of him, because she thought he hasn’t special abilities

  • In Calpurnia’s church Scout finds out that Tom Robinson shall raped the daughter of Bob Ewell

  • Aunt Alexander wants to live at them, because she wants to show how a Finch must live

  • Dill runs off his mother and her friend, because he feels alone there in Meridian

  • One night a crowd of people wants to “have” Tom Robinson who’s in prison, but Atticus wants to save him; Scout, Jem and Dill comes to help him

  • Scout makes Mr Curningham (one of the mob) jump in Atticus’/Tom’s shoes

(the trail)

  • Mr Tate (sheriff) tells what he knows about the events, but he doesn’t know anything about the rape

  • Mr Ewell who’s left-handed says he saw Tom raping his daughter who has injuries mostly on her right side

  • Ms Mayella (daughter) seems to lying; she gives different statements

  • Tom Robinson’s left hand is shivelled, he couldn’t have hurt Mayella

  • He says Mayella kisses him and he runs away because she begins to cry when Mr Ewell appears

  • The jury wait a long time, but the sentence was guilty

(after trial)

  • Next morning: Calpurnia finds presents at the back door that shows there are people who liked what he had done; he introduces a little step in equalitiy

  • Mr Ewell stops Atticus at the post office saying he’ll get him

  • Atticus says Tom’s dead; they shot him while he fled

  • Most people thinks it’s normal the shot him, because Negroes are too stupid to flee, but after a while they forget the trial

  • Scout doesn’t understand how someone can hate Hitler, but discriminate Negroes

  • On the late way home from a school event Mr Ewell follows them, it cames to a fight during which Jem is hurt

  • Boo Radley carries him home, but Mr Tate finds Mr Ewell dead with a knife between the rips

  • Mr Tate insists that Mr Ewell falls on his knife, but Atticus thinks it was Jem

  • Scout brings Boo Radley home




  • Really: Jean Louise Finch

  • Six years when meeting Dill (wants to marry him one day)

  • Four years younger than Jem

  • Bored in school

  • Hurts other children when they mob her

  • Childish

  • Mother dies to years after the birth


  • Really: Jeremy Atticus Finch

  • Atticus is his hero

  • Left arm is shorter than the rigt because of a broken arm (12 years)

  • Missed his mother (dies when he was six)

  • Ten years when meeting Dill

  • Loves football



  • Really: Charles Baker Harris

  • Has no real father

  • In Scouts age

  • Small for his six years

  • Lives in Meridian (Mississippi), but spends summers at his aunt Ms Rachel

  • White hair, blue eyes

  • Show-off

  • Father of Scout and Jem

  • Read law in Montgomery

  • Lawyer in Maycomb

  • First clients were last hanged people

  • Mother of Scout and Jem was fifteen years younger and dies because of a heart attack

  • Older than most parents

  • Wears glasses (nearly blind on left eye)

  • Can shoot

  • Walks whenever he can to work, …

  • Doesn’t like crimination


Boo Radley

Tom Robinson

  • Really: Arthur Radley

  • Never leaves his house

  • Mysterious person: “goes out at night, commits crime, drives scissors in his fathers leg, you have to die when you go to their place, 6,5 foots tall, bloody hands, yellow, rotten teeth”

  • He’s Baptist

  • Wasn’t seen for 18 years

  • Mother dies (during book)

  • Pale skin


  • African American

  • 25 years

  • Married with three children

  • Left hand is shivelled (accident with cotton gin)

  • Worked at Mr Link Deas for years

  • Accused of rape (innocent)

  • Shot “because he flee”


Alexandra Finch

  • African American

  • Cook at the Finches

  • Near-sighted and squints

  • Sometimes beats the children (like their mother)

  • Member of family

  • Well-educated

  • Older sister of Atticus

  • Got Finch Landing (cotton plantation)

  • Married Jimmy (taciturn man) and got Henry

  • Grandson Francis is often their

  • Wants Scout becoming a lady

  • Doesn’t understand girls

  • Self-conscious

  • Objective case


The Cunninghams

The Ewells

  • Tribe in the northern Maycomb

  • They are criminal folks; hang around

  • Don’t have money

  • Pay people with food, …

  • Never take anything they can’t pay back

  • Father Walter was a client of Atticus and paid him with nuts, …

  • Was once at a crowd who wants to kill Tom, but Scout remembered him of his entailment


  • Are dirty because haven’t water inside their house, just cold one of a source

  • Have cooties, black nails, …

  • Just visit school the first day

  • Have no mother

  • Are disgrace of Maycomb

  • Eight children (father is left-handed)

  • Mayella (oldest) says Tom raped her


Ms Maudi Atkinson

Ms Dubose

  • Lives in the neighbourhood

  • Loves her garden and the flowers, but hate house

  • She’s beautiful and wears a straw hat

  • Gold teeth

  • Makes good cakes

  • Babtist

  • Is grown up together with John Finch

  • Friend of Scout, Jem and Dill

  • House burned, but is happy, because she could built a smaller house

  • 50 years


  • Is a mean, old women

  • Is in a wheelchair

  • Scout and Jem hated her, because she offend Atticus

  • For a punishment Jem had to read for her

  • She died a few days later

  • Nearly hundred years old

Uncle Jack

Mr Dolphus Raymond

  • Scout and Jem meet him on every Christmas

  • Grown up with Ms Maudi

  • Humorous

  • Doesn’t understand children well

  • Is the youngest son of Finchs (ten years younger than Atticus

  • Studied medicine

  • Got money from Atticus


  • People think he’s drinking whiskey the whole day

  • Has a coloured woman and mixed children

  • Likes coloured people more than whites

  • Drinks, so that people find a reason for his attitude

Mr Hack Tate

Mr Taylor

  • Sheriff of Maycomb

  • Is against discrimination of coloured folks

  • Is a friend of Atticus

  • Judge

  • Seems often falling asleep during a process

  • Eat cigarettes

  • Old but fair


Ms Stephanie Crowford

Ms Rachel Haverford

  • Gossip

  • Becomes a “friend” of Aunt Alexandra

  • Likes being in the middle of events


  • Lives next door

  • Is the aunt of Dill

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