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An Occasion of Sin Zusammenfassung der Geschichte



The short story 'An Occasion of Sin', written by John Montague and published in 1963, deals with a young French woman, who moved in Easter '56 to Ireland after she married an Irish man.

By confrontating with many cultural differences, she gets in trouble.

First Francoise O'Meara disliked Ireland but after her husband Kieran baught her a car and allowed her to swim in the sea at Seacove, she started to like the country.

Meeting some men at the beach of Seacove, she realises, that they have a strange way of undressing and she feels scared when the men stare at her when she undresses herself.

In June, Francoise meets some clerical studens and talks about French literature with them.

One day a little fat man, she meets at Seacove, tells her, that the clerical studens are seduced by her permissiveness and that she's a bad example which hurts the Irish traditions.

After this she expresses her thaughts about being an occasion of sin to her husband and realises the srange bahaviour of the Irish and the superstition of her husband.

Meeting the clerical students again, they ask Francoise different thing, e.g., what it's like to be married, because they have the prejudice, that French woman think about nothing but love.

Because of having a nightmare, she decides not to meet the students again.

She feels humilated and assumes, that the people might be right in saying that she's a bad example.

At the end of the story Francoise knows, she will never see the clerical students again.

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